We take the dogma of skydiving to heart. By giving it all to the wind, in life and in jumps, we can make great things happen. That’s exactly how Kua Sky—a company making novel, high-quality skydiving gear for all—leads the way in the up-and-coming freefall apparel game.

We strive for a strong connection with our customers that goes beyond the transaction. If you’re eager to know just how we got our start and the people that make Kua Sky what it is, you’ve come to the right place. Let us introduce ourselves.


Chris is the founder of Kua Sky, a company that’s the product of a desire for more. His passion for skydiving came at merely 18 years of age, when he completed his first static line jump. In his life, he’s made a substantial amount of achievements. Not the least of these is a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and a rich history in the US Air Force and Coast Guard.

Only after these experiences did Chris make the move to get certified. Through Skydive Ratings school, he achieved tandem instructor (TI) rating, which allowed him to take passengers and introduce them to skydiving.  After that, he moved on and earned a rating as an Accelerated Free Fall Instructor (AFFI). Chris has been jumping consistently for the 20 years since his first jump at 18.

Once he was certified to teach, finding the right apparel became even more crucial. Chris has a unique build that goes beyond the norm (imagine 6’4″ and 245 pounds sailing through the sky). As such, he’s had difficulty in the past finding gear that fit right and was built with both quality and style in mind.  Because one of the steadfast rules of skydiving is to look good doing it. If he wanted something up his alley, he knew he had to spend a fortune, and that just wasn’t sustainable.

He started experimenting by making his own jumpsuit and even jerseys. The unique gear caught the attention of his fellow skydivers, proving to be the start of his next big adventure.


While Chris has the gumption, he needed some guidance as well as a bit of marketing and branding expertise to really get the show on the road. That’s where Wendy comes in. Her marketing experience exceeds a decade. During that time, she worked with big national brands, lending her the know-how to spark a venture all her own.

Although their contributions are undeniable, Chris and Wendy don’t do it all on their own. They have the Kua Family to fall back on, and the worldwide brand ambassadors are some of them.

Currently, Kua Sky calls about ten brand ambassadors family. The firsts of the bunch were Tyler Hudson, an east-coast skydiving instructor, and his other half Missy Carmen.

Tyler & Missy join jumpers Meghan Evilsizor, Deanna Naegele, Steve Barahona, Kelsey Krobert, Austin Lankford, Chris Nielsen, Clancy Ewald and Ivan Becerra as Kua Sky brand ambassadors & athletes. Together, they rep Kua Sky around the nation and the world at large. As a whole, they help to organically spread the mission of quality, style and sheer badassery that the team here at Kua Sky represents.

Those within the Kua Fam know that it’s called a family for a reason. This crew is undeniably supportive of one another in all that we do. From our cherished brand ambassadors to our skilled graphic designers, we feel like we’re living out a dream. From the inside looking out, we think it shows.


Whether you’re an experienced jumper or a newbie to the game, Kua Sky is grateful that we get to introduce ourselves to you. We’re a small business that infiltrated the industry just a couple of years ago. However, with each jump someone takes in a Kua Sky jumpsuit or jersey, we’re moving forward. If you want to be a part of the journey and jump in on what Kua Sky has to offer, we welcome you with open arms.